Feb 3, 2013

Tokaido Shinkansen is the new public N700A

One day, train test drive "N700A" new vehicle for the first time in five and a half years to debut eight days is the Tokaido Shinkansen Tokyo - was operated between Shin-Osaka. Demonstrated a "constant speed device" New features available to media outlets the driver's seat while driving, catch up during the disturbance diamond.

The same equipment, the development of a new system to automatically maintain speed. You can run at high speed while maintaining the distance between the train before I make it easier to recover the delay. Motorman when you press the button on the device at the same train ride, automatic train control system in accordance with the accelerated (ATC).

In terms of safety, it has been reduced by 20% than the 700 series that appeared in 1999 in preparation for the distance, such as earthquakes, and until it stops from the brakes.

I explained the vehicle manager vehicle Kei Sakagami of JR Tokai Shinkansen Railway Division was responsible for the development, "We transport the vehicle to improve the stability, you can ride with confidence."

Using a highly soundproof flooring, car, more comfortable. Outlet provided with a window side of the car seats of the car and usually green, I was to meet the needs of users in recent years. 19% less power consumption than the 700 series.

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