Dec 17, 2012

Too lovely that "snow Miku train" appears this year also !

"it is too as lovely" as last year and the year before last -- the "snow Miku train" of the streetcar of the Sapporo street car which became the center of attention by things runs the Sapporo street this year also.

Japanese school Uniforms is popular.

Japanese school Uniforms is popular overseas.
Reason :
1: It is not necessary to consider every day the dress which he wears to school.
2: Since it is the dress to wear, structure is strong every day (for several years).

Dec 16, 2012

MRJ -- the U.S. airline to a maximum of 200 sets -- the ordering contract was carried out.

It was announced on the 13th that the Mitsubishi airplane made the contract which receives the order of a maximum of 200 sets for the domestic passenger plane "MRJ (Mitsubishi regional jet)" under development from the major U.S. Sky West Airlines in a local airline.
Delivery is due to be begun from 2017 and the total ordering amount from the sky waist serves as 8.4 billion dollars (about 7000 billion yen).
The number of orders received of MRJ became 325 sets in the total.
350 to 400 of a break-even level sets were approached.
MRJ is made more fuel-efficient [ twenty percent or more ] than the conventional same type machine.
The Mitsubishi airplane aims at 1500 sets of orders received over 20 years noting that demand increases at the time of the renewal of the body of an airline.
MRJ is a passenger plane of Made in japan which ranks second to YS-11.

In order that MRJ might not have real machine now, sale was having a close game.

Dec 13, 2012

In Japan, the graduate's job-hunting activities have started on December 1 in 2014.

In order to reduce the burden of the student who lives in the distance in recent years, the job fair using a network increased.
Moreover, the service which sees the detailed profile which the student opened to the network, and contacts from a company is also prosperous.

Competition of home delivery service of convenience store of Japan is intense.

FamilyMart started home delivery service for lunch for nothing.

Lawson starts Yahoo! and a new company smart kitchen, and will enter into a home delivery service from January, next year.

Seven eleven have already begun the home delivery service of goods from July, this year at about 200 stores all over the country.

Dec 12, 2012

The missile of North Korea passed through the Okinawa sky. --- Japanese government announcement.

The government announced on the morning of the 12th that the de facto long-distance ballistic missile which North Korea called "an artificial satellite launch" and had announced discharge beforehand from the northwestern part and the Higashikura village was launched for Namikata on the same day around 9:49 a.m.
According to the Ministry of Defense, the missile passed through the Okinawa sky around 10:01 a.m.
Fall presumption time is regarded as the peace on the ocean of 300 km of Philippines east around 10:05.

Dec 9, 2012

It is an excellent piece of music of Japan.

It is an excellent piece of music which can be loved even now in Japan and which thinks of those who love.
English-language edition

Japanese original. 

Dec 8, 2012

Japan earthquake how to protect yourself.

It is an urgent manual at the time of the earthquake occurrence of the multilingualization towards a foreigner which the student of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies created.

Dec 6, 2012

Kitty who does not choose work unites with various things.

As for the Japanese streetcar, 100 years have passed since opening of traffic.

Hiroshima Electric Railway reproduced the "streetcar decked out in flowers" which celebrated and ran opening of traffic at 23 days and Taisho Era which saw opening-of-traffic 100 years, and made it operate around in the city specially.

Three days after the atomic bomb fell to Hiroshima, the streetcar of Hiroshima resumed operation and carried people.

The GUNDAM cafe is open at Tokyo Station on December 20 !

BANDAI announced on the 26th that it opens the direct management cafe "GUNDAM cafe Tokyo Station" which used popular anime "Mobile Suit GUNDAM" as the motif in the Tokyo Station No. 1 town on December 20.
The cafe is 3 store eye following Akihabara, Tokyo and Daiba.
By opening at Tokyo Station where the Ligne Al effect continues, the charm of GUNDAM is widely well-known.

GUNDAM CAFE official site

Dec 3, 2012

Japan began the work which carries PAC3 in preparation for the North Korea missile launch.

The Ministry of Defense of Japan began the work which carries a surface-to-air guided missile patriot (PAC3) in a large ship tank on the Maritime Self Defense Force Kure base in order to prepare to intercept on December 2. This is because North Korea announced beforehand the long-distance ballistic missile launch called an "artificial satellite.

Dec 2, 2012

The missile preliminary announcement of North Korea.

The space technical committee press secretary of North Korea announced the preliminary announcement which launches an earth observation satellite during the 22nd from December 10.

In Okinawa, by the missile launch in April, this year, it was covered with the preparedness to intercept of the Self-Defense Forces noting that the area under a flight course had worries about the falling object from a missile.

In Japan, it is during a general election period, and is during the period of a presidential election in South Korea.

Dec 1, 2012

The five-storied pagoda in Japan.

The five-storied pagoda in Japan is the building excellent in earthquake resistance.
And a nail is not needed.