Dec 16, 2012

MRJ -- the U.S. airline to a maximum of 200 sets -- the ordering contract was carried out.

It was announced on the 13th that the Mitsubishi airplane made the contract which receives the order of a maximum of 200 sets for the domestic passenger plane "MRJ (Mitsubishi regional jet)" under development from the major U.S. Sky West Airlines in a local airline.
Delivery is due to be begun from 2017 and the total ordering amount from the sky waist serves as 8.4 billion dollars (about 7000 billion yen).
The number of orders received of MRJ became 325 sets in the total.
350 to 400 of a break-even level sets were approached.
MRJ is made more fuel-efficient [ twenty percent or more ] than the conventional same type machine.
The Mitsubishi airplane aims at 1500 sets of orders received over 20 years noting that demand increases at the time of the renewal of the body of an airline.
MRJ is a passenger plane of Made in japan which ranks second to YS-11.

In order that MRJ might not have real machine now, sale was having a close game.

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