Jan 31, 2013

limited item !! Schick Hydro 5 Power Select Razor Evangelion Figure SET

limited item !! Schick Hydro 5 Power Select Razor Evangelion Figure SET
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Jan 28, 2013

Special appearance model camera "PENTAX Q10" digital SLR has collaborated with Eva!

Special appearance model camera "PENTAX Q10" digital SLR has collaborated with Eva!

PENTAX RICOH IMAGING | Quantity limited release special edition model camera "PENTAX Q10 Evangelion" model digital SLR was realized in collaboration with the three types of Evangelion.

"PENTAX Q10 Evangelion model" is that the limited quantity, will be released in 1500 are set each of the three types. Scheduled for April 2013, sale price is open price (expected price 59 800 yen).

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How not to buy a fake Japanese products.

Abroad, there are many fakes of Japanese products.
Problems in Japan, not get fake return the money is sent by private import is increasing rapidly.
Recent fake is fake until warranty. Manufacturer's warranty of course I can not receive.

Fake is difficult to distinguish between civilians successful.

So, what can I do you?

The best way.
It is to buy at the shop where the goods are sent from Japan.

Because. That the production of fake Japanese in Japan because I'm almost 100% impossible.

Sent from outside of Japan fake made ​​in Japan that are sold on the internet shop (amazon,ebay,...).

Shipping is higher, is the best way you can to gain good quality Japanese products.

Jan 27, 2013

KAI, the history of cutlery.

KAI, the history of cutlery.

KAI is a company that currently manufactures, sells, exports and imports more than 10, 000 different kinds of cutlery and cutting tools, ranging from kitchen utensils to cosmetic accessories and surgical implements.
KAI started in 1908 as a small pocket-knife factory in the city of Seki, which is known in Japan as the City of Good Swordsmen.
Even though the company has become large, one principle, nokaji (blacksmith)'s spirit, has been consistently upheld by KAI. "The nokaji strives to make blades that are suited to the daily lives of people by bringing to bear on the task all his craftsmanship and all his heart."
KAI is to find an answer to the question: "how can we bring the spirit of the nokaji into the 21st century?"

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Jan 26, 2013

Event tradition of Nara in Japan. (Prescribed burn of Wakakusa)

Mount Wakakusa (Wakakusa-yama), also known as Mount Mikasa (Mikasa-yama), is a 342 m (1,122 ft) high mountain located in Nara, Nara Prefecture, Japan, to the east of Nara Park.
On the fourth Saturday of each January, the dead grass of Mt. Wakakusa is burned in an annual festival known as Yamayaki (literally "mountain roast"; common translation: "prescribed burn").  The tradition supposedly originated from a boundary dispute between two temples, Todai-ji and Kōfuku-ji in 1760. As the mediations failed, the entire mountain was set ablaze. Other explanations suggest the extermination of wild boars or pests as a result. The festival today begins with a ceremonial igniting by members of both temples, followed by a fireworks display. The festival has been postponed due to poor weather in the past.


Jan 8, 2013

A wonder of Japan : A name changes.

In Japan , a name may change and memorizing is serious.

1: fish that are called by different names as they grow larger.
The Japanese amberjack or yellowtail

Wakashi(35 cm or less) ->Inada or Hamachi(35 to 60 cm) ->Warasa(60 to 80 cm) ->Buri : yellowtail (80 cm or more)

The fish called by a name which is different from a fish called by different names at different stages of growth in Japan according to growth of the fish from a fry to adult fish
Till the Edo period, the samurai, the scholar, etc. had the time of a coming-of-age ceremony for a boy, and the custom of changing a name with success in life.
the way of calling called a fish called by different names at different stages of growth is なぞらえた in this as "a fish which changes a name so that a promotion may be won with growth."
It is treated as an auspicious fish, and it is used, being fond as a dish of an auspicious seat, the seat which celebrates a commencement, etc.

2: Japanese traditional performing arts. Kabuki, etc.
The same person's stage name changes.
The founder -> the 2nd generation -> the 3rd generation ->>>>>>

Memorizing is serious.