Dec 22, 2015

Commonplace in Japan of underwear.

Goods of Japanese textile manufacturers has become a commonplace that is good quality.
Comfort, durability has a reputation.
Of course, the quality even after repeated washing does not degrade.

Do you know?
In the white ethnic costume Arab men to wear every day, "almost 100% made in Japan" is in the luxury market of choice for formal and wealthy.

In addition, the technology of "TORAY" of fiber manufacturers have been adopted on the wing (carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic) of "Boeing 787".

You know, the suppliers of material of "UNIQLO" is "TORAY".
However, the product of "UNIQLO" in order to suppress the cost, quality will fall while a little.

By all means, even now please try the Japanese underwear to evolve every day.
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