Dec 17, 2012

Too lovely that "snow Miku train" appears this year also !

"it is too as lovely" as last year and the year before last -- the "snow Miku train" of the streetcar of the Sapporo street car which became the center of attention by things runs the Sapporo street this year also.

Japanese school Uniforms is popular.

Japanese school Uniforms is popular overseas.
Reason :
1: It is not necessary to consider every day the dress which he wears to school.
2: Since it is the dress to wear, structure is strong every day (for several years).

Dec 16, 2012

MRJ -- the U.S. airline to a maximum of 200 sets -- the ordering contract was carried out.

It was announced on the 13th that the Mitsubishi airplane made the contract which receives the order of a maximum of 200 sets for the domestic passenger plane "MRJ (Mitsubishi regional jet)" under development from the major U.S. Sky West Airlines in a local airline.
Delivery is due to be begun from 2017 and the total ordering amount from the sky waist serves as 8.4 billion dollars (about 7000 billion yen).
The number of orders received of MRJ became 325 sets in the total.
350 to 400 of a break-even level sets were approached.
MRJ is made more fuel-efficient [ twenty percent or more ] than the conventional same type machine.
The Mitsubishi airplane aims at 1500 sets of orders received over 20 years noting that demand increases at the time of the renewal of the body of an airline.
MRJ is a passenger plane of Made in japan which ranks second to YS-11.

In order that MRJ might not have real machine now, sale was having a close game.

Dec 13, 2012

In Japan, the graduate's job-hunting activities have started on December 1 in 2014.

In order to reduce the burden of the student who lives in the distance in recent years, the job fair using a network increased.
Moreover, the service which sees the detailed profile which the student opened to the network, and contacts from a company is also prosperous.

Competition of home delivery service of convenience store of Japan is intense.

FamilyMart started home delivery service for lunch for nothing.

Lawson starts Yahoo! and a new company smart kitchen, and will enter into a home delivery service from January, next year.

Seven eleven have already begun the home delivery service of goods from July, this year at about 200 stores all over the country.

Dec 12, 2012

The missile of North Korea passed through the Okinawa sky. --- Japanese government announcement.

The government announced on the morning of the 12th that the de facto long-distance ballistic missile which North Korea called "an artificial satellite launch" and had announced discharge beforehand from the northwestern part and the Higashikura village was launched for Namikata on the same day around 9:49 a.m.
According to the Ministry of Defense, the missile passed through the Okinawa sky around 10:01 a.m.
Fall presumption time is regarded as the peace on the ocean of 300 km of Philippines east around 10:05.

Dec 9, 2012

It is an excellent piece of music of Japan.

It is an excellent piece of music which can be loved even now in Japan and which thinks of those who love.
English-language edition

Japanese original. 

Dec 8, 2012

Japan earthquake how to protect yourself.

It is an urgent manual at the time of the earthquake occurrence of the multilingualization towards a foreigner which the student of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies created.

Dec 6, 2012

Kitty who does not choose work unites with various things.

As for the Japanese streetcar, 100 years have passed since opening of traffic.

Hiroshima Electric Railway reproduced the "streetcar decked out in flowers" which celebrated and ran opening of traffic at 23 days and Taisho Era which saw opening-of-traffic 100 years, and made it operate around in the city specially.

Three days after the atomic bomb fell to Hiroshima, the streetcar of Hiroshima resumed operation and carried people.

The GUNDAM cafe is open at Tokyo Station on December 20 !

BANDAI announced on the 26th that it opens the direct management cafe "GUNDAM cafe Tokyo Station" which used popular anime "Mobile Suit GUNDAM" as the motif in the Tokyo Station No. 1 town on December 20.
The cafe is 3 store eye following Akihabara, Tokyo and Daiba.
By opening at Tokyo Station where the Ligne Al effect continues, the charm of GUNDAM is widely well-known.

GUNDAM CAFE official site

Dec 3, 2012

Japan began the work which carries PAC3 in preparation for the North Korea missile launch.

The Ministry of Defense of Japan began the work which carries a surface-to-air guided missile patriot (PAC3) in a large ship tank on the Maritime Self Defense Force Kure base in order to prepare to intercept on December 2. This is because North Korea announced beforehand the long-distance ballistic missile launch called an "artificial satellite.

Dec 2, 2012

The missile preliminary announcement of North Korea.

The space technical committee press secretary of North Korea announced the preliminary announcement which launches an earth observation satellite during the 22nd from December 10.

In Okinawa, by the missile launch in April, this year, it was covered with the preparedness to intercept of the Self-Defense Forces noting that the area under a flight course had worries about the falling object from a missile.

In Japan, it is during a general election period, and is during the period of a presidential election in South Korea.

Dec 1, 2012

The five-storied pagoda in Japan.

The five-storied pagoda in Japan is the building excellent in earthquake resistance.
And a nail is not needed.

Nov 25, 2012

It goes up for the first time in five years! Budget applied to the Christmas of this year of Japan.

About the budget applied to Christmas this year, when the Internet research company "macromill" (Tokyo) conducted the questionnaire survey, the result that it increased for the first time in five years came out.

Investigation was conducted on 13 and the 14th.
Objects are 500 men and women (from 20 years old to 59 years old) who live in 1 capital 3 prefectures of the metropolitan area.

The total budget amount of results of an investigation was 22,671 yen (about 283.00 dollars)on the average.
(Eating and drinking, a present, etc. which are regarded as it using at Christmas this year).

Noriko Sakai return interview.

The suspended term expired on the 23rd of this month, and Noriko Sakai (41) who received the guilty verdict for the crime of violation of Stimulants Control Law in 2009 held a return interview in Tokyo.
The tattoo written to the leg was also erased.

Aoi Usagi

Aoi Usagi - Karaoke

Nov 23, 2012

A tofu hamburger popular in Japan.

A healthy tofu hamburger without meat.

It is a tofu hamburger into which meat cannot be gone.
It comes out lightly and is delicious!!
It is OK even if it mixes the vegetables made fine.
You can eat with favorite sauce.

* Tofu ----------- One  dish.
* Onion ---------- 1 / 2-1 piece.
* Bread crumbs --- One cup.
* Egg ------------ One piece.
* Bean paste ----- Tablespoons 1/2.
* Mayonnaise ----- Tablespoons 1/2.
* Salt and pepper -- A little.
* Ingredients (green soybeans, a carrot, a spinach, edible brown algae, etc.)

1: An onion is minced and is stir-fried in the frying pan which oiled.
2: Tofu is wrapped in a kitchen paper, and microwaves and drains off water from a situation in 3 ranges for 2 minute - 3 minutes.
3: If the excess heat of an onion and tofu can be taken, all will be mixed well.
*Please do bread crumbs, when [ a little ] a seed is too loose.
4: Please form round and roast both sides with the frying pan which oiled.
5: It is completion. 



Nov 22, 2012

Japanese linear Shinkansen and "L0 system" operating specification vehicles were exhibited.

Central Japan Railway Company opened the superconductivity linear vehicles "L0 (El zero) system" to reporters on the 22nd.
The just completed lead car was opened to the public, and they are 28 meters in full length, 2.9 meters in width, and 3.1 meters in height.
In order to reduce air resistance, it is a streamline with 15 loose meters of a peripheral part.
The design maximum spped in an experiment route is 550 km/h.

A linear-Chuo-Shinkansen plan will build a linear task force in July, 1987, is preceded between Nagoya from Tokyo in 2027, and is a commercial service schedule.

Nov 21, 2012

The next of a "gal mama" and a "celeb mama" is a "mama girl"?

Popular female talent's (Aki Hoshino, Yuko Ogura, Chinatsu Wakatsuki, Yukina Kinoshita , Hinano Yoshikawa, Rie Hasegawa) childbirth continues from the end of last year to this year. In such inside, the fashion magazine "mamagirl" for the mama started in August, 2012 records Sold out the same day by Amazon. The easy advance was continued focusing on the Internet bookshop, and 120,000 copies of first printing were sold out.
 It is said that the target of this book is the "mama girl" who is continuing having the girl feeling of "liking a lovely thing even if it becomes a mama."

Nov 17, 2012

Temaki Sushi (Japanese Hand Roll Sushi)

Hand-rolled sushi is the optimal fast food for home party, lunch, etc. And it is very healthy.
It is said that now, hand-rolled sushi is popular in Australia.
Any contents OK!
Since chopsticks do not need hand-rolled sushi, it is the best for lunch!
Japan Ichiba store store
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Japan Ichiba

Japanese Rice Cooker.

Most Japanese use suihanki (rice cookers) to which measured amounts of washed rice and water are added. The rice is first washed to release excess starch. Then, before cooking it is usually soaked in water for a time between half an hour in summer, and two hours in winter. Soaking times depend on the quality and freshness of the rice, as well as on the season. The rice is then boiled using a ratio of about five parts of water to four parts of rice – though with fresher rice, the ratio can go down to 1-to-1. After this, it is steamed until the centre of the rice becomes soft. Salt is not added to the rice.
Traditionally, rice was eaten at every meal in Japan; most modern rice cookers can be set ahead by a timer, so that rice will be ready for the morning meal. The rice cooker can also keep rice moist and warm. Rice kept warm like this remains edible for several hours, so that rice need be made only once per day.

Features and specifications
For the modern home rice cookers, the smallest single-person model cooks 1 rice cup (180 ml), whereas the largest cooks 10 rice cups (1.8 liters). The prices vary greatly, depending on the capacity, features, materials used, and the country of origin.
These inventions include, e.g., microprocessor-controlled cooking cycles, employing pressure cooking, utilizing induction heating (IH) that can generate heat directly within the inner cooking bowl itself (all the IH-type models are microprocessor-controlled), employing a varying pressure control mechanism (named the "dual-pressure" method) that creates repeated pressure/release cycles during the cooking, using various materials (e.g., copper, pure carbon, ceramic, diamond powder coating) for the inner cooking bowl because of their higher heat conductivity, utilizing more than one induction heating element, or employing a mechanism to collect and return the boiled over liquid to the inner rice bowl. The rice cookers which are very large to store tons of rice are used in places like Guruvayur.
The pressure-cooking models can raise the water's boiling point higher, e.g., from 100 °C at 1.0 atm up to about 110 °C at 1.4 atm, which speeds cooking. They are also suitable for cooking brown rice (which contains oils and bran fiber that cook differently from pure white rice starch). The pressure-cooking models can also be used in high altitude areas.

Additional features
The majority of modern electric rice cookers are equipped with a stay-warm or keep-warm feature, which keeps the rice at an optimal temperature for serving without over-cooking it. Some gas cookers also have electric stay-warm mechanism.
Many models feature an ability to cook sticky rice or porridge as an added value. Most can be used as steamers. Some can be used as slow cooking pots. Some other models can bake bread or in some cases have an added function to maintain temperatures suitable for fermentation of bread dough or yogurt. Likewise, depending on the model, these days it is common to see many added functions other than cooking rice. store
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Japan Ichiba

Technology of Nippon. Japanese meal boom! The leading role and food robot of shade.

A program of Japan is introduced.
Broadcasting hours: 44 minutes.
* To the shade of the sushi boom of Australia -- Technology of the small and medium-sized enterprises of Nippon.
* Make any food into food on a skewer. -- Only five persons' small factory in town.

It is said that sushi has boiled now in Australia.
In rolled sushi, the signboard of sushi is overflowing all over towns, such as a restaurant and a store of a takeout, as well as extreme popularity and a revolving sushi especially.
It is a sushi robot of made in japan that it was in the shade.
One sushi after another was built with the technology for which uncanny speed and craftsman are pressed.
In fact, food robots were a food-on-a-skewer robot and the wonderful technology which Nippon is proud of in the world at the egg roll robot which is not only a sushi robot. store
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Nov 16, 2012

A makeup video sharing site "everybody's makeup", monitor member collection.

Everybody's makeup is a contributions site of an inspection/contribution of a makeup animation, and the makeup animation which can participate in an event / monitor plan.
Other users' makeup animation is seen, and it can refer to it or can make a friend. store
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Nippon Television established the "all Japan disguise grand-prix" formal channel to YouTube.

"Masquerade" is one of the most popular TV shows produced by NTV Japan. People from all walks of life participate in the contest to present their unique performances. In addition to preparing their own costumes and props, contestants exert themselves physically and creatively to bring forth their best possible performance. We hope you enjoy their brilliant works.


There is 30 years or more of history from the 1st time in 1979 to the newest time.

By the formal channel established this time, "100 masterpiece performance" selected carefully out of the work broadcast until now is exhibited.
The schedule which has already exhibited 30 on the 12th and will exhibit all 100 animations within 2012.
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Nov 15, 2012

Moreover, it replaces! Japan's Prime Minister. However, next time....

Japan's Prime Minister Noda expressed the intention to dissolve Parliament on the 16th of this month on the 14th.
This is an event of shameful Japan once a year.
No Japan changes, even if who becomes the Prime Minister.
Because, it is not a lawmaker that is moving Japan after the war. He is a bureaucrat.
It is because the political party which opposes a bureaucrat fights in an election.
An election is due to be held on December 16. store
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Nov 12, 2012

Enoshima, Fujisawa-shi in Japan is popular by anime.

Two works which made Enoshima the stage were telecast from April, this year to September, and attentions gathered.



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Mystery Japanese Vending Machine!!

There are a number of vending machines in Japan.
One of the reasons for which they were developed, it is to be a good and safe country.

It is a vending machine that is located in a rural location.

Vending machine is the latest.
Disaster emergency has the ability to display the information. store
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Japan Ichiba

Nov 11, 2012

The sumo of a national game of Japan starts today.

The sumo of a national game of Japan starts today.
The yokozuna of east and west gathered for the first time in 16 places this time.
The east is Hakuho and the west is Harumafuji.
They are both Mongolian graduates.
A Japanese wrestler also needs to do his best!

Harumafuji store
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This is useful ! Peeling scissors.

SUWADA nail trimmer that is known to the world.
Quality that is also favored by professional manicurist has always been polished repeatedly improved more than 70 years from 1926.
Its quality, which is said to excessive design and was completed like a sports car with no waste has been put pride and craftsmanship commitment.

Scissors that is peeling SUWADA it was built. store
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This is useful! Kitchen Glove Easy-Muky

Simply rub the surface projection of the palm of the lobes, you can easily peel and potatoes. We will not use the knife, I am safe, such as a cut finger without worry. I am relieved not slip even a slimy potato. store
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Nov 10, 2012

As for new light motor vehicle of Honda, 27.0 km/L runs.

Honda put light motor vehicle (N-ONE) on the market.
light motor vehicle (N-ONE) is a reprinted edition of light motor vehicle (N360) manufactured and sold till 1967 - 1972.
As for N-ONE which introduced various new technology, 27.0 km/L runs.
The price in Japan is 1,150,000 yen ~ (14,743.00$).


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