Nov 23, 2012

A tofu hamburger popular in Japan.

A healthy tofu hamburger without meat.

It is a tofu hamburger into which meat cannot be gone.
It comes out lightly and is delicious!!
It is OK even if it mixes the vegetables made fine.
You can eat with favorite sauce.

* Tofu ----------- One  dish.
* Onion ---------- 1 / 2-1 piece.
* Bread crumbs --- One cup.
* Egg ------------ One piece.
* Bean paste ----- Tablespoons 1/2.
* Mayonnaise ----- Tablespoons 1/2.
* Salt and pepper -- A little.
* Ingredients (green soybeans, a carrot, a spinach, edible brown algae, etc.)

1: An onion is minced and is stir-fried in the frying pan which oiled.
2: Tofu is wrapped in a kitchen paper, and microwaves and drains off water from a situation in 3 ranges for 2 minute - 3 minutes.
3: If the excess heat of an onion and tofu can be taken, all will be mixed well.
*Please do bread crumbs, when [ a little ] a seed is too loose.
4: Please form round and roast both sides with the frying pan which oiled.
5: It is completion. 



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