Nov 17, 2012

Technology of Nippon. Japanese meal boom! The leading role and food robot of shade.

A program of Japan is introduced.
Broadcasting hours: 44 minutes.
* To the shade of the sushi boom of Australia -- Technology of the small and medium-sized enterprises of Nippon.
* Make any food into food on a skewer. -- Only five persons' small factory in town.

It is said that sushi has boiled now in Australia.
In rolled sushi, the signboard of sushi is overflowing all over towns, such as a restaurant and a store of a takeout, as well as extreme popularity and a revolving sushi especially.
It is a sushi robot of made in japan that it was in the shade.
One sushi after another was built with the technology for which uncanny speed and craftsman are pressed.
In fact, food robots were a food-on-a-skewer robot and the wonderful technology which Nippon is proud of in the world at the egg roll robot which is not only a sushi robot. store
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