Feb 4, 2013

Limited edition of 150 ! SUNTORY The Rolling Stones 50th anniversary of the formation whiskey.

Design of "Lips & Tongue" Original crystal bottle.
It is a whiskey that has been distilled in 1962, packed in barrels years in the formation of "The Rolling Stones".

[About the taste]
1962 Yamazaki malt aged in barrels of ultra-long-term domestic oak material.
In addition to the sweet scent of ripe fruit and well dried fruit, such as the espresso coffee and cocoa-like nuances, rich, richness of flavor it is a feature of blended whiskey.
Taste is smooth and well spread out, with rich bittersweet heavy.
The aftertaste is woody spicy Ness smoky and reminiscent of a character is followed by a long finish and soft.
It is a deep flavor of a bluesy rock feel Stones.

The alcohol content is 50%.
Capacity : 700ml.
Place of origin : Japan.
Price : $7,918.55.
Limited edition of 150.
Release date : October 30, 2012.
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