Jul 30, 2013

Japanese tradition. Kaleidoscope and Arita porcelain collaboration!

Kaleidoscope with a history of 200 years, Arita porcelain with a tradition of 400 years.
"Arita kaleidoscope" was born by the collaboration. Technical precision while leaving, is a gem that I think people of craftsmen was put to work like comes through, the warmth of the handwork is felt.
The novelty and its beauty, and a high reputation in Europe and America not only Japan, further, effect Pattern fantastic kaleidoscope healing also have, has been attracting attention from a medical standpoint.

It is most suitable for a present ! 

Kaleidoscopes were invented by Scottish physicist David Brewster in 1816. Their fascinatingly beautiful images quickly attracted people throughout Europe.
Before long, while radios and televisions were gaining ground, kaleidoscopes took root as inexpensive toys. However, through the efforts of Cozy Baker and others who found the high artistic quality of kaleidoscopes, kaleidoscopes have come to the front as works of art as well as in the light of mind-body medicine. Kaleidoscopes still continue to fascinate people with their magical beauty.
Today is the age of the third kaleidoscope renaissance focused on “kaleidoscopes as works of art.” Amidst this movement, we thought of a fusion of kaleidoscopes and traditional Japanese industrial art Arita porcelain, and thus produced advanced Arita Porcelain Scopes.
The Arita Porcelain Scopes have promoted the innovation of kaleidoscopes. At the same time, they have also provided a breath of fresh air to the world of traditional crafts.

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