Jul 30, 2013

[Video] Japanese tradition. Arita porcelain Fountain pen.

Porcelain founttain pen has been presented to the G8 summit by the Japanese Government in Toyako Summit.

Its strange warmth you feel in the palm and has a solid feeling, the sense of quality, surface is hard, white, translucent the clear the true value of Arita ware exactly.<br />
A smooth writing, of course, make which kept attention to detail is something that not only as a writing instrument, worthy of art.<br />
It may be said that the letter letter to spell begins to talk about deep history, was born beyond the traditional craft "porcelain fountain pen The ARITA" is that it has to form the miracle of Takumi who exactly.<br />
Please feel to the writing, the passion and skill of Japan's highest peak, which is poured into a small fountain pen.

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