Apr 11, 2016

"RT if you agree" MINISO is state terrorism.

MINISO is a Chinese company.

Of course, this is no problem.
However, in this shop sells as if they were made in Japan.
Also wrong listed Japanese.
This is an issue which cannot be ignored.
My English is also the worst, but ...

The clerk, heard that "Is imports from Japan?", Answer "Yes!".
Official website => http://www.miniso.jp
Also laugh at this domain.
Usually, in the case of Japanese companies: The "http //www.*****.co.jp".
To get the domain of "co.jp" it must have been registered in Japan.
".jp" Has an address in Japan (individual, group, organization) can anyone any number of registration if it is.

MINISO store is growing now.
Have to go unchecked the "MINISO", China is a problem.
I sad that the Japanese product is mistaken ones bad.
Of course, all of the products in Japan is not a high quality.
However, the Japanese product is tough is "Product liability".

To safely buy Japanese products.
1:It is recommended the purchase in Japan.
Japan is the manufacture and sale of fake is caught immediately.
Japan is the manufacture and sale of fake is immediately caught.
In addition, Japan has for the island nation, is discarded in large quantities also imported the fake customs.
2:Web shopping is recommended the site to be shipped from Japan.

We will fight with the industry terrorism.
Have a nice shopping!
Many thanks.

"RT if you agree"

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