Jan 22, 2014

Popular in Japan ! TANKER 30th ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION / Yoshida Bag.

This year we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of “TANKER”, which was released in 1983 and is still popular among our customers.With an image of MA-1 of the U.S. Air Force, its details are reproduced in the item, using 3-layer original material with bright “rescue” orange color lining, and adopting easy-to-come-off painting for metal parts such as hooks for natural aging.
The original concept of “TANKER” was “travel series with a military look”. At that time, we offered duffle bags and shoulder bags mainly, in sage green color only. Back then, a military motif was still uncommon and the item did not sell well. However, in the late 1990’s, people in fashion business supported the item, and it became recognized instantly. In the same period, the activity area of PORTER brand was expanded, so that “TANKER” series became a bestseller.
Reference and Special deals : http://japan-ichiba.ocnk.net/product-list/135

This season’s limited model to celebrate 30th anniversary of TANKER. Among the thousands of camouflage patterns, we featured the most typical woodland pattern and produced total of 30 types including popular items and 3 new ones.
Nylon material shrinks by heat and humidity, and its control is difficult. And because printed colors tend to be unstable, the material is not suitable for printing. However, this 30th anniversary model is made of the same material of TANKER, and the printing is done. To express the highly accurate pattern on this shiny and delicate material, we requested SEIREN, the largest printing company in Japan which provides materials in highest quality, to implement their technology of Viscotecs printing system.
About Viscotecs.
Digital production system of SEIREN with history more than 120 years, utilizing coloring technologies and the most advanced IT technologies. By making full use of Viscotecs, production in highest quality is realized in integrated manufacturing system in Japan. In addition, the power of expression is 167.7 thousand colors in maximum, which equals to full color. Also, this system is eco-friendly, and reduces the amount of water and energy to 1/20 in maximum, compared to existing printing methods.

Yoshuda & Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing bags with a commitment to "Japan Maode" ever since itsestablishment. The founder Kichizo Yshida's phiosophy "One stitch all soul" has now become the corporate matto. It describes our dedication to excellence in every stage of the manufacturing process, from material selection, design to sewing, just like the process of stitching pieces to completion. To achieve our goal, Japanese craftsmen's high manufacturing skills were essential. We believe that are the only craftsmen to empathize with our philosophy and help us make it possible to materialize it as bags. Yoshuda & Co., Ltd. will continue to manufacture high quality bags with our Japanese craftsmen for years to come.

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