Aug 7, 2013

[Video] Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry designated traditional crafts Echigo Sanjo strokes cutlery.

Rather than mass production in the (material and base metal steel with previously), from one bar the base metal and (steel steel with traditional technique of Japanese old composite is a mainstream of cutlery made ​​of current I have a strong commitment to that by train one by one, a knife with that) to be forged, to build a better knife.

Echigo Sanjo strokes cutlery, Forged (forge welding), Molding (fire-polished), Sharpening, Sharpening, Quenching, Tempering, Deviation tri (stress relief)
It has over a wide range, such as, I finish in the integrated production in the same workshop in each step.

The reincarnation cutlery that you put steel from the base material and the steel of one of them was glowing, not be without mass production, and to cutlery firm hard.

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